thisdonald is “Ragin’ Against The Storm”

Welcome to my website for Americans, Patriots, Patriotic expats and friends, foreign or domestic, who are pissed off at the disintegration of what we know to be the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Two hundred forty years ago America began as the bravest quest for freedom and independence in the history of civilization when members of the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia signed a proclamation declaring the thirteen colonies at war with Great Britain were independent states. This marked the severance of the crown jewel, America, from its mother country, the British Empire.


The fifty-six signers of The Declaration of Independence faced loss of property, income, personal freedom and life for their action and,  although what losses they actually suffered are subject to dispute, the risk they took is not. Today it seems much of America has forgotten just why they undertook such an endeavor and all we, as a country, gained because of it. Even fewer seemed prepared to defend our hard fought freedom and, others amongst us, seem determined to do what they can to forfeit it.

This site is dedicated to all who defend our borders, shores, homes, loved ones and the Constitution which codifies the unalienable rights of each American. This includes―first and foremost―our military, police, firemen but also every voting American, in or out of uniform, who seeks to preserve all things sacred to Founding Fathers and the signers of that Declaration. In my personal quest to see that freedom continues to ring throughout this great land, you find me here, “Ragin’ Against The Storm” that is all who would take from us that for which so many have already fought and died. Join me here.

Don Kenton Henry

Author, editor

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