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Thank you for visiting my blog, thisdonald.com. My full name is Donald Kenton Henry. In day to day life I go by my middle name, although I am also addressed as Henry, Buck, D.K. or prick . . . depending on who’s doing the addressing. I suppose you will call me what you what want but, for purposes of this site, I am thisdonald.


I am a combination of a small town, Midwestern and East Texas “bible belt” upbringing that didn’t take for some time but has always comprised the core of who I am. My parents and grandparents were staunch Republicans. I am not an evangelist by any means, but a Christian moral code and conservative principles govern what I will say here. I respect people of all faiths and colors who respect the same. I am also a rebel. I love my country but not my government. I hope, one day, I can say I love and respect both.


(thisdonald marching in the 1962 4th of July parade in Rensselaer, Indiana, third from the left in uniform. Notice how I attempted to walk with back as straight as possible in lock-step with the other Cub Scouts as though President Kennedy were observing me from the parade stand.)


(In fact, President Eishenhower was in the Buick driven by my grandfather at the head of the parade.)

I was not always a conservative. After voting for Jimmy Carter for President, I graduated from Indiana University in 1978 with a degree in Social Work. My intention was to combine it with a law degree and save the world. My career goal was to recapture America and return it to the Native American Indian. The Arizona reservations would be my home base and, carrying a briefcase, my intention was to utilize my martial arts skills, kick the white man establishment up the side of the head and hit it with a subpoena. I would be the incarnation of Billy Jack. Tom Laughlin would have been proud.

Along the line I got side tracked and, in an effort to save myself (rather than the world) ― co-opted. I made a thirty-year career in medical insurance. But underneath the surface of my business self, those core values, with which I imprinted at a formative age, survived and rose to the surface. Struggling against and overcoming the challenges of building a small business reinforced my belief in the virtue and rewards of rugged individualism. And given the current state of the health insurance market I have a lot more time to share my passion for those things.

Since 2008, I have been ranting in earnest about all I see wrong and failing about our government. In 2009, I began doing so on Facebook but after seven years of diluting my opinions among accounts of my travels, family photos, and mindless emoticons―perused  by friends and trolls alike―I decided to make a dedicated formal effort to fight back. My fight―our fight―is against the rhetoric and movement, political and otherwise, designed to degrade and destroy America’s Constitution, capitalism, our way of life and―ultimately― western civilization.

This blog will embody that effort.

―thisdonald, editor

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