Last evening, while revelers celebrated Bastille Day in Nice France, a terrorist drove a truck into the crowd. At last count, 84 are dead and dozens more seriously injured. This drives a big stake in the heart of the cry for more gun control. In the face of endless attacks on innocents by Islamic, or hate-filled terrorists in general, President Obama and his liberal sycophants continue to call for more gun control. This is not a problem created by too many guns. That is a false argument or red herring designed to avoid addressing the real problem and source of the threat. The real problem is the intent of the perpetrator and the psyche of the terrorist. It seems obvious, to the point of absurdity, to point out that a gun is an inanimate object. As such it is incapable of forming the intent or what, in the legal community, is known as the mens rea (guilty mind) necessary to murder or harm another human being. It is the agenda of the left to perpetuate this argument because, one ― they know they have played a part in fostering the damage to the American and world psyche and, two ― they know it is much easier to focus on a symptom rather than to take the politically incorrect position of attacking a religious based ideology bent on destroying western civilization or admitting blacks are just as capable of hate crimes as whites. In addition to guns, no inanimate object such as a knife, bomb, airplane or―in the case of last night’s attack―a truck, form the intention of killing humans. Only the mind of the perpetrator is capable of that. These items are simply mechanisms by which to realize their objective. In another’s hands they are simply innocent and useful tools.

So our government can, as other governments have done already, ban guns and―even if we eliminated every last one―the terrorist would still find a tool with which to kill. There is no need to belabor this. The reality is―a fight can never be won on one’s heels. Whether in the ring, street, ring or battlefield, the fighter must be going forward in order to win. President Obama has had us on our heels for eight years now. He hasn’t even accomplished his goal of containing the enemy, as they spread like a cancer throughout the globe. Europe opened a Pandora’s box by having open borders and allowing refugees to flood into their countries and communities by the thousands. Now they lurk like rats in a sewer system waiting for the right moment to rise up and kill westerners while they innocently try to go about lives of peaceful co-existence. The enemy is within the gates of Europe and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. There is also no co-existing with those bent on establishing a caliphate and the genocide necessary to accomplish such.

It is not too late to defeat the enemy within America. A lot depends on who we elect as our next president. One candidate wants to sensibly limit the potential enemies coming into our country and the other wants to open the gates and let them infiltrate our ranks  as they have those of Europe. They have to be stopped at the gate; hunted down where they already exist in this country and destroyed in and with their base of operation overseas.

Whether it’s a radical Islamist that wants to kill gay’s―or what they consider infidels in general―or a black that hates and wants to kill whites―it all goes to the mind of killer. We will never have the means to reverse or cure all infected with this perverted mentality. There aren’t enough psychiatrists or social workers in the world to accomplish that. We have reverse what we can of the racist psyche of our own and, when it comes to Islamic terrorists, take the war to them at home and abroad. We have to kill them until, like Japan in WWII, they decide they can’t take any more losses of their own. Or we have to kill them all. I’m sorry. Sadly, that’s what it gets down to.



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