Op-Ed by Don Kenton Henry

I am not going to give the Left the satisfaction of beginning this with the standard disclosure that I condemn the KKK, Neo-Nazis, or any white hate group. I am not in the habit of stating the obvious, and that includes what is obvious, about me, to those who know me. Nor do I seek to pacify the opposition as they fail to condemn prejudice, hate, or racism on their part. I am not going to give them the satisfaction of kissing their ass in an attempt to cover my own. President Trump broke from his standard policy of never apologizing and thereby appeasing, the Left, on Monday. He did so when he clarified his stance on white hate groups, even though no such clarification was necessary. (And where did it get him? The media just came back and said, “Oh, he’s only specifically identifying the white hate groups now because we shamed him into it!”) But what is it about Trump’s original use of the word “all” (as in, “I condemn all hate groups!”) that the media, left, and now, the RINOs, do not understand? Is it necessary I define “all” as meaning―all encompassing? Necessary or not, I guess I just did. Only because you liberals are such retards. Excuse me … only because you’re so intellectually challenged.

What strikes, and angers, me most about this tsunami of hate and condemnation of Trump, whites, and the right (which, in fact, consists of all races, genders, self-proclaimed non-genders, and sexual preferences) is the irony. Because the left is so challenged when it comes to honest introspection and admissions, I am, once again, compelled to identify and describe such. Herein, I do just that.

We are all products of the world we are born into and raised. Washington, Jefferson and the founding fathers were products of Colonial America. I am a baby-boomer whose formative years were the mid-nineteen-fifties into the seventies. As a group, we were the product of doting post World War II and Korean War veterans and their spouses who wanted to give us all they had been denied or lost during a major depression, as their parents, our grandparents, wanted to do for them. That generation doted on us also. The generations which preceded mine held certain prejudices which had been instilled in them by the one previous to their own. This was only to be expected. If you want me to say that’s not right to make you feel better, you can, again, kiss my ass. That’s just the way it was.

But credit must never be taken from the Founding Fathers for the greatest thing they did for this country (along with freeing it from oppressive rule). They declared the greatest of things for the individual in their demand for independence. And―this they did―in spite of their contradictions in behavior and personal policy as demonstrated through the ownership of slaves and denial of rights to women. This greatest thing was allowing that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, inclusive of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (There is the use again of what the media and Left believes is the apparently vague word “all”.) But it was good, and clear, enough that it served as an affirmation later codified into law with the creation of our Constitution and its subsequent Amendments. And only because of such, were the men and women of all races ultimately given equal status. A status for which―in countries deprived of such a Constitution―no such guarantees exists. In fact, the systemic discrimination, which is now a by-gone feature in America, still persists in many parts of the world. And, in some places, to a far greater degree than ever did here. But to hear the left tell it, America is the epicenter of all evil. However, in America and, to my knowledge, all countries in Western Civilization, each successive generation has become less prejudiced, and more excepting of differences, racial and otherwise.


Though exposed to the prejudices of our parents and grandparents, my generation witnessed the struggle of the Civil Rights Era and we listened. We took mental notes. We learned. And we grew as people. We grew into bigger, more accepting and, in that way, better people. And we tried to raise our children as such. This being so, our children should be less prejudiced and more accepting than us. And therein lies the irony. While, in many ways, they are more accepting and less prejudiced, the reality is that many of their generation are guilty of the same prejudice against, and hatred for whites. Yes. They’re guilty of racism. And what is their excuse? They rationalize their own bigotry by attributing what they see as the flaws of some whites (and to an extent Asians and anyone more successful than themselves) to all whites. Even successful members of the black race are demonized for being “too white” or “Uncle Toms”. The truth is, thousands upon thousands of white people died to see that blacks were granted freedom. And the victories of the Civil Rights Era never would have been achieved if white members of Congress had not fought for and championed them.

Dr. Martin Luther King prayed for the day we would all be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. But everywhere I look in the media and public policy, we are judged by the color of our skin. For over half a century now, every advantage that can be granted an individual has been given to minorities to the exclusion of whites. They are given job and school admissions preference, and preference in financial matters. And, while taking full advantage of this favoritism, they still claim discrimination and blame anything they lack on whites. Fifty years of leveraged advantages and still they claim any underperformance on their part is due to white, and systemic discrimination. Where? I would like to know where is the evidence this systemic discrimination still exists. Fifty years later and they still do not realize that the Democrat Party (which was the party of the KKK) has snookered them in, and strictly for their own selfish purposes. Specifically, for the perpetuation of their political careers and self-aggrandizement.

The abolition of slavery would not have occurred if not for whites. America abolished slavery decades before Australia. And slavery continues in many parts of the world today―including Africa―where blacks still take blacks as slaves. The passage of the Civil Rights Act would not have occurred if not for Republican support. The reality is, the Democrat Party dumbs down blacks. How would you like to be told you need a leveraged advantage to compete on a level playing field because you’re just not good enough on your own? And if granted such advantage, would you work harder or unashamedly take it and coast on to mediocrity? True improvement and evolution begin in the family. And whites today cannot be blamed for what does or does not take place in the African American family.

White Colonial America’s prejudice is most easily understood. It was the way of the entire world. The prejudice of my grandparent’s generation, a little less so. And the prejudice of my parent’s, and my own, even less. But what about the Millennials and my daughter’s generation? They have been fed with an even bigger silver spoon than I and yet they are seemingly incognizant of the fact they demonize one race and generalize by attributing the racism of a minority of hold over miscreants to the entire white race. And all it takes for a white to be guilty of racism is . . . To deny one’s own guilt. This is the irony of the so called “progress” my generation thought we had made. Black Lives Matter and these younger generations are guilty of the same sins our white forefathers committed. And what is their excuse? As I recall, we were ALL getting along before Barack Obama came along and re-manufactured racism and encouraged EVERYONE to identify as victims.

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend was both tragic and predictable. It was tragic not because a young woman was murdered. Though terrible, that was a result of the real tragedy. The real tragedy was it was allowed to happen in the first place. Again, I am not going to appease the left by belaboring condemnation of what so obviously warrants condemnation―specifically the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, and White Supremacists. Rather, I am going to stand with Trump and say, “racism of any kind, by any party, should not be tolerated”. And violence, hatred, and racism were exhibited by many factions, including Black Lives Matter (BLM) in Charlottesville.

Only one group was granted a permit to protest in Charlottesville. That was the group protesting the intended to plan to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee. The greatest amendment to the Constitution is the first, which grants freedom of speech. Without it, no progress or social evolution would be possible. Yet, that is the very freedom which the Left and BLM showed up to prohibit. We don’t have to agree with what any group has to say. You don’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to agree with you. But the law of the land says we have to agree to allow the other to speak. And so, the irony continues. BLM and the Left want to prohibit the speech of others, which differs from their own. And they want to deny the same rights to which they were denied in all their years of actual discrimination against them. And last weekend, they dispensed violence and vitriol which mirrored that which previous generations of blacks―not their own―suffered. And they showed up with no permit of their own to protest and but only to further their agenda. They could have peacefully protested the actual racism of the White Nationalists. But was that their agenda? And the question which really begs an answer is, why did the authorities stand down and allow the predictable violence to occur? Who ordered the stand down? Who can, and did, get them to stand down and what was THEIR agenda? Racism against blacks reached a boiling point in the sixties. And this racism against whites will not be tolerated forever either. Is this the agenda of the left? Do they want this to reach a boiling point also? Because, if left unabated . . . it will.

I proffer, someone on the left, either at some level within the Virginia government or influencing someone in government, dictated the stand down. And they did so knowing the violence would escalate and they would blame it all on Trump. Simply look at the way this is playing out in the media and political arena. This whole debacle is a charade masquerading as another justification for an indictment and the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The murder of Heather Hayer was preventable but orchestrated by the left and those in power. Her life is relegated to the pages of martyrdom for the sake of an ignoble cause disguised as a noble one.

There is only problem with the left’s plan to take down Trump. There are 63 million of us who voted for him. And we see through the hypocrisy of the Left, the Democrats, and the RINOs. The latter for whom we voted for lack of an alternative. Be certain we will continue to support Trump in his effort to clean up Washington and this detestable status quo. We will support his reelection and, where there is a satisfactory alternative to the RINOs, we will vote the RINO out of office. Election of Democrats is not even a remote option when it comes to a satisfactory alternative. ―

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