November 8th . . . A Day of Reckoning

I am a true conservative. As such, many ask me how I can vote for Donald J. Trump, as I will November the 8th. To me, it’s quite simple. Fellow patriots and I share a love of freedom and a desire to protect our nation’s constitution. I and, I presume, most reading this, realize these things are mutually inclusive and inextricably bound. The Republican Elite and, those who say they will never vote for Trump because he does not conform to the old, “Let’s go along, to get along,” way of doing business in Washington, will fall on the sword of their own hubris.

Permit me to provide you with a crude analogy: If the Mitt Romney or―to my great disappointment―my original choice for president, Ted Cruz, and I were both veterinarians tending to a distressed mare in labor, he would let both die because they couldn’t save them both. I, on the other hand, would let the mare die―if necessary―to save the foul. They would have sacrificed both the present and the future. I would have reluctantly sacrificed the present to preserve the future.