Democrats Never Did You Any Favors


Look in the mirror Democrat Party. You are not entitled to your self-righteous hubris. Since the Johnson administration, you have used the Civil Rights Act to lure and keep blacks in your basement, providing just enough entitlements to keep them dependent, calling them up when it’s time to vote. They never leave the basement, except for this, but remain your unwitting pawns in their day to day existence. Case in point: Why is black unemployment so high? Because you Democrats would rather increase your voting base by enabling low-skilled illegal immigrants to come to our country, under bid unskilled black labor and take the jobs black youth and men could have. All while you perpetuate your political careers on the black vote and broaden the divide between the races and genders with your false narrative and phony claims of racism, sexism, and xenophobia on the part of Republicans and conservatives. Now is the time to dig deep to find your conscience and vote it! Vote to stop cronyism and corruption as usual in Washington. Vote to stop Hillary! Vote for the people. ALL The People! Vote Trump on Tuesday! I’m thisdonald and I approve this message.

Negative Fallout From Trump’s Debate Performance Is Largely Dispelled


―op ed by thisdonald

I have had almost 24 hours to process the debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton at Hofstra University last evening. It was the first of three scheduled debates. I pride myself in predicting the way these things go down and I must admit, it did not quite evolve the way I envisioned. I winced each time Trump missed an opportunity to call Hillary out on her numerous failures. I sighed when he failed to confront her with more empirical evidence on the deplorable (there’s a word she understands) state of the economy. And I cried foul when Lester Holt got away with disseminating erroneous facts to supplant the actual ones presented by Trump. The debate ended and left me disappointed and depressed that Trump had not caused her to combust and dissipate into the atmosphere as one more carbon emission from the compost heap that is the Washington establishment.

Then I awakened today and had my coffee and began to put things in perspective. When not working at my business, I listened to the talk show hosts analyze the debate performance from both sides of the aisle. More importantly, I listened to the average American call in and express his or her opinion of the debate. Almost without exception, all who had been a Trump supporter before the debate were not the least deterred in their intent to vote for him. All acknowledged his may not have been a performance one would have anticipated had Trump been a career politician. And most certainly, it was not worthy of a debate or moot court champion. But it was a brave and worthy challenge to an arrogant, elitist politician who represents all that is wrong in Washington. He did call her for what she is ― a person who cannot count one tremendous accomplishment to her credit after 30 years in politics. And all agreed, he accomplished his main objective, which was to show he could maintain poise in the face of confrontation and project a presidential demeanor. Too much so, for my taste but, then again, I have a reputation for being overly aggressive in an argument. I can afford to be. I’m not running for office.

Yes, all in all, it was much more lackluster than I think anyone imagined it would be. But the good news for Trump supporters is that Hillary came off as the automaton mouthpiece spewing the same old rhetoric we hear from democrats when they run for office contrasted against Trump who came across as the fellow you work with who has your back. And that’s what people want. That’s what will get Trump elected. The big cities, especially on both coasts, are full of people who identify with gentrified elitists. But middle America―the people of the fly-over states―share a common sense that sees right through the distain those in government have for those of us Hillary describes as “deplorables”. I believe Trump will continue to climb in the polls right up to election day. Hillary offers us a chance to choose our poison: “Terrorism Or Obamacare”. Get a blender and throw in the effect of skyrocketing health insurance premiums and the loss of health care providers (about to be announced in the Obamacare market just before the election) then add another terrorist attack or two from some religious fanatic Hillary wants to let in and give the vote to―and you have a recipe for Trump to win going away.

There are two more debates to come. Be certain Trump will be on the attack the next time. He’s not going to treat her with kid gloves the way Romney treated Obama in their third debate in 2012. I predict he will go on the offense and it will be she who is on the defense. But Trump’s winning or losing last night’s, or the next two debates for that matter―and it won’t change the outcome. Americans want real change in Washington and Hillary simply offers more of the same failed policies. Come November 8th, the silent majority, and an army of deplorables, are going show up at the polls and dethrone the beltway aristocracy. Mark my word.


November 8th . . . A Day of Reckoning

I am a true conservative. As such, many ask me how I can vote for Donald J. Trump, as I will November the 8th. To me, it’s quite simple. Fellow patriots and I share a love of freedom and a desire to protect our nation’s constitution. I and, I presume, most reading this, realize these things are mutually inclusive and inextricably bound. The Republican Elite and, those who say they will never vote for Trump because he does not conform to the old, “Let’s go along, to get along,” way of doing business in Washington, will fall on the sword of their own hubris.

Permit me to provide you with a crude analogy: If the Mitt Romney or―to my great disappointment―my original choice for president, Ted Cruz, and I were both veterinarians tending to a distressed mare in labor, he would let both die because they couldn’t save them both. I, on the other hand, would let the mare die―if necessary―to save the foul. They would have sacrificed both the present and the future. I would have reluctantly sacrificed the present to preserve the future.


Lest We Forget

I posted this on 9/11 last year. This image has been on the front fender of my Harley Fat Boy since Ira Jay Lewis put it there, at my request, in 2012 . . . “Lest we forget.” Out of timidness and political correctness, they changed its original name, The Freedom Tower, to One World Trade Center. To me, it will always be The Freedom Tower. The stitched ribbon was Ira’s inspiration. It represents America’s healing heart. I take my love of my country everywhere I ride. God bless America.




― Op-ed by D. Kenton Henry

And not your potty breaks, either, “Snowflake”. (To plagiarize the apt and insightful adjective Clint Eastwood ascribes to the thumb-sucking generation of politically correct automatons.)  What’s at stake for America in our November presidential election is a whole lot more important than social faux-issues the left (which includes Hillary) have contrived to distract the electorate from the real issues. Issues which will determine the long-term welfare of our great country. These have nothing to do with matters such as what attire you wear into the bathroom. Or the threat, “Republicans are going to take away your marriage certificate.” The first has never been a concern of the right. We don’t care if men want to dress like their mother or women like their dad. Our concern was that the proposed law (you know the one I’m referring to) was only going to make it easier for a pedophile or sexual predator to have easier access to his more vulnerable prey. Consider this: A big burly male lumberjack with a fetish for children walks into a woman’s bathroom full of little girl’s at the local YMCA. As a woman, you confront him and he says he “identifies as a female”. How are you going to prove he doesn’t and convince him to leave without discriminating against him? And now, since you’re the only one in there with him, he decides that “variety is the spice of life” and hauls you into a stall and has a go at you. Yes, there are all kinds of stupid to go around.

And no one is going to take away someone’s already issued marriage license or try to change a law allowing same-sex marriage in a state which has ratified that right. Get over yourself. In the scheme of things, you’re not that important. The United States Constitution makes it pretty clear we are all entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. That pretty well covers it. There are no exclusions or qualifications. The only objection for most of the right, and those even more familiar with the Constitution is that per the 10th Amendment, it was always a state’s right issue. In brief, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” That pretty well covers it, also. Specifically, the powers entrusted to the Federal government, known as the enumerated powers, listed in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution include making treaties, regulating interstate and international commerce, maintaining a postal system and coining money. We all know how good the feds are at managing these things but . . . I digress. All other matters were left to the sovereign states, their people, and their Congress. Then the Supreme Court, in the tank with the WH and, as they did with Obamacare, pulled a rabbit out of a hat, over-reached their authority (in the opinion of this author) and took the matter out of the hands of the states and obliged the states to license same-sex marriage. This should have come as no surprise as we’ve always known this administration has no respect for the Constitution (and obviously has some dirt on some members of the Supreme Court). However, in the end, and, as I initially implied, no one really gives a damn about your love life.

The real issues that should determine who is elected to lead our country forward are:

1) A failing economy: The federal debt stands at 19.5 trillion dollars. With a bullet.  This would not be as insurmountable a problem as it appears except that the Real Unemployment Rate is 9.8% and the Labor Participation Rate is almost lower than it’s been in 39 years. Our national economy (GDP) grew a pathetic 1.2 percent last quarter―an embarrassment to the Obama administration and preview of only more to come with a Hillary administration. She will double down on Obama’s failed economic policies in her attempt to fulfill pie-in-the-sky promises she made to potential voters in an attempt to buy them away from admitted socialist, Bernie “Sell-Out” Sanders. With this low a GDP, the debt will only accrue. And if Hillary gets elected and tries to spend our way out of this economic pit, even more so. Heaven forbid the Fed’s artificial suppression of interest rates, in an attempt to prop up the stock market and make Obama look good, ceases. If that ever happens ― we couldn’t pay off the National debt until the sun cools, contracts, implodes and wipes the books clean. Until then, our credit won’t be good anywhere in the Universe.

2) Terrorism entwined with immigration: Specifically, “Islamic Terrorism”. It’s occurring everywhere the world over. It’s done in the name of religion and, whether a perversion of Islam or not, it’s not Buddhists , Hindus, Jews, Christians, pagans or atheists that are perpetuating it in mass. It’s Muslims. No, not all. But based on approximately 1.6 billion Muslims in the world―if only 3% are intent on executing Jihad and establishing a caliphate calling for the elimination of infidels (yes, that’s you and me, Snowflake)―that leaves 48,000,000 we have to worry about. ISIS has been instructed by their Mullahs to blend in with the refugees and infiltrate Western society. They have been instructed to take over our communities, become the voting majority, replace English Common Law with their barbaric Sharia Law and―when the time is right―rise up and kill us. And Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees we take in, house, feed and, otherwise subsidize at our expense by 500%! Is there anything she won’t do for more votes? To the point she will import our own assassins?

To clarify the balance of power as dictated by the Constitution as it relates to immigration: While due process is to be applied to non-citizens present in our country, matters of immigration and national security are the authority of Congress. Not the Executive branch. Individuals not yet in our country are not entitled to any rights conferred by our Constitution to our citizens, But if Hillary gets elected and overrides the Constitution with executive orders the way Obama has ― Welcome Wagon may be greeting ISIS in your neighborhood with discounts on fertilizer at a lawn and garden store near you.

3) Obamacare: The future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is at stake. We were lied to in order to support it ― “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” It had to be passed in the middle of the night “before we can know what’s in it”. All lies. I’m not only a consumer, I’m a health insurance broker specializing in individual and family coverage and have for 30 years. I deal first hand each day with all the falsehoods regarding Obamacare we were led to believe.

We were also promised our premiums would go down. Instead, they have increased at a rate that, in many cases, is greater than before the passage of the Act in March of 2010. The reality is unless you receive a subsidy for a significant portion of your premium, you are in shock over your cost for health insurance. In other words, if your fellow taxpayers chip in and cover your bill you might find this to be a pretty good deal. (Never mind that pesky deficit.) The only time premiums have diminished somewhat is this past January, at least in my home state of Texas, when I and approximately 150 of my clients were forced off our PPO and into HMO coverage. Now we find we not only could not keep our plans but we have lost access to our doctors and hospitals. With the rationing of our providers comes the rationing of our treatment. But not to worry about that hip replacement. In the words of Obama, “There must be a pill for that.”

This fall, just before November’s election, people are going to be getting wind of compromises in and premium increases for their 2017 health insurance. Just before they head to the polls to vote for our next president. I don’t have to be prescient like the “Great Karnack” or Nostradamus to know that come November 8th they are going to be an angry lot and―barring a significant domestic terrorist event coinciding with the election―it’s going to, along with the economy in general―be a pre-eminent issue on their mind.

I don’t know what Donald Trump’s plan is for Obamacare. Other than he says he’s going to repeal it. But I do know that Hillary Clinton plans to double down on it, replacing it with a single-payer system. Why? So we can all have health care like our veterans enjoy? Or so that she can co-mingle health care for everyone with Medicare and deplete funds to which Medicare recipients have contributed to their entire working careers for the purpose of quality health care late in life? For the benefit of people, many of whom have never contributed a dime to our economy or their own welfare?

And you wonder why there is this watershed rejection of Washington and the status quo. Bear in mind when you go to the polls in November that one candidate represents a perpetuation of those things. In spades. And the other represents, at least, the possibility for meaningful and substantive change. Change upon which the survival of this country is predicated.

The title of this post, “It’s The Economy . . .”, is a spin- off of the mantra of James Carville’s successful campaign on behalf of democrat Bill Clinton to upseat George H. Bush in the ’92 presidential election. That campaign was based on three things:

  1. Change vs. more of the same
  2. The economy, stupid
  3. Don’t forget health care.

And the irrefutable irony is that, twenty-four years later―what should be the deciding factors . . . remain the same.




Op-ed by thisdonald

I’ve had approximately twenty hours to process what Ted Cruz said or (more accurately) didn’t say at the Republican National Convention last evening. And also what he did. First, let me say, I have supported him, from here in my home state of Texas, in his Senate elections and all through the presidential primary process. I am a Constitutional Conservative and, as such, Cruz was my obvious and first choice. Had he proven more electable than Donald Trump, he would have remained my choice. Unfortunately, no republican proved more electable than Trump. No one had the charisma or ability to tap into the angst of the American electorate to the degree Donald Trump did and he easily emerged as the people’s choice. Ted Cruz shares my principles and values more than any of the former candidates. However, Ted was a candidate with great intelligence but short on charisma. At least in the context of a contest with Donald Trump. (And so was every other candidate, for that matter.) It doesn’t matter if Ted Cruz was or remains the smartest candidate in the room. Or that he is the most fierce defender of the Constitution. If he couldn’t get himself elected―it paid no dividend. Trump got himself elected as the republican nominee and I think Trump will get himself elected President. Ted will never have the panache of Trump but he could have caught on to what was working for Trump and, like Trump, and had the courage to tell middle America what we so desperately wanted and needed to hear. But he didn’t. He just patiently waited for Trump to derail and that never happened. It didn’t happen because that’s how desperately America needed what Trump was selling. “Make America great again―don’t apologize for who or what we are and―get out on board or get the hell out of the way!” So much did we need to hear this, there was no stumble Trump could make big enough for him to lose his support.

I am more than disappointed that Ted Cruz did not climb aboard the Trump Train last night. That being said, he was on the horns of a dilemma. Literally. He could do as Dr. Ben Carson did―put his personal pride aside and (at least for the time being); forget the disparaging comments Trump made about Cruz’s wife and father; and put our country first by supporting Trump in getting elected. Or―he could break his pledge to support the republican candidate (whoever it was) if not himself. I’ll be the first to say, “That’s a tough one.” Not quite up there with “Sofie’s Choice”, but tough. I’d like to say he made the correct one but I can’t. Being a strict constitutionalist, at least to me, implies putting your country above all else. Including personal welfare and pride. As our Founding Fathers did. Cruz claims to be one but he put family honor and personal pride first. To me, nothing I or my family have will mean much if we lose America and our way of life. And that is what is at stake here. I am disappointed and somewhat embarrassed for him that Cruz did not sacrifice the former for the latter. He should never have taken the convention stage if he could not endorse Trump. That decision has lumped him in with the Republican elites in so many ways. “I endorse Donald J. Trump for the Presidency of the United States!” That’s what Cruz didn’t say last night.

Now to address what he did. I think Cruz was positioning himself for the presidency. I don’t think being a Supreme Court Justice would satisfy him. As qualified as he is, I don’t think he wants to spend the rest of his life behind the bench.  He wants to be on the front line leading the charge. I think he positioned himself such that―in the event Trump fails to be elected; or follow through on his promises; or totally fails to honor conservative principles―Cruz will be there in 2020 to say, “I told you so.” And to offer the alternative.

Lastly . . . you gotta admit―Cruz stands on HIS principles no matter the venue or opposition. Which is entirely why I supported him in the first place. But, for now, Republicans must win back the White House. Which means we have to elect Donald Trump. We have to start somewhere, or as a nation we are doomed. I don’t think even Ted Cruz could turn our sinking ship around after four years of Hillary on top of the eight we’ve already suffered with Obama!

Cruz’s knowledge and defense of the Constitution is too great an asset in Washington to lose. There are too few like him. But he needs to get on board in his support of Trump or―in the event Trump loses to Hillary―forever be perceived as bearing some of the responsibility for Hillary’s election.


(Ted waving, possibly goodbye, to his chances for the White House in 2020.)