Democrats Never Did You Any Favors


Look in the mirror Democrat Party. You are not entitled to your self-righteous hubris. Since the Johnson administration, you have used the Civil Rights Act to lure and keep blacks in your basement, providing just enough entitlements to keep them dependent, calling them up when it’s time to vote. They never leave the basement, except for this, but remain your unwitting pawns in their day to day existence. Case in point: Why is black unemployment so high? Because you Democrats would rather increase your voting base by enabling low-skilled illegal immigrants to come to our country, under bid unskilled black labor and take the jobs black youth and men could have. All while you perpetuate your political careers on the black vote and broaden the divide between the races and genders with your false narrative and phony claims of racism, sexism, and xenophobia on the part of Republicans and conservatives. Now is the time to dig deep to find your conscience and vote it! Vote to stop cronyism and corruption as usual in Washington. Vote to stop Hillary! Vote for the people. ALL The People! Vote Trump on Tuesday! I’m thisdonald and I approve this message.

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